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White Background Stick-On-Labels With Colored Lettering

Cozy Hose
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Name Label Stickers great for camp or seminary!

How The Last Name Is Written That's How It Will Be Printed Uppercase / Lowercase

Ex: COZY HOSE/ Cozy Hose

For Colored Backgrounds


Ships in 5-10 Days

Use For: School-Camp-Home  Avoid Loss of Belongings!

15 Letters/Numbers on a line  

Washable-Ready Cut

Our Stick-On camp labels have a tough adhesive. Laundry safe, weather proof & very easy to apply.

Apply on: Garments, Footwear, Electronics, Flashlight, Backpack. . . the list is endless.

Apply your labels to the garment's label or size/ washing instruction tag.

For Tagless clothing, apply to the branded ink stamp. For non-clothing items, apply label to flat, clean, dry surface. Be sure to wash your garment at least once before applying labels in order to remove chemicals and excess dye from the fabric.

Washing Instructions:

Wait 24 hours before allowing your garments to become wet. This will give the adhesive enough time to bond.

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